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Anonymous inquired What course do you study at uni?

Préparation for fashion school

canaryxyellow inquired A pimp smacking another pimp lol do it!!

Tooooooo hard to draw😩😩😩

canaryxyellow inquired Draw something :)

Draw what?

Anonymous inquired Hi! Next year I'll be in the university Sorbonne Nouvelle in the 5th arrondissement. Do you know if it's cool or not ? If there are some cool places around like shopping, food, museum...

Yes the university is not really beautiful but its in The center really close to Le jardin des plantes my favorite garden in Paris( and the zoo😍😍😍with the cutest red pandas and the 70yo Orangutan called nenette) , the Mosque of Paris which is the best place for a tea with pinenuts when it’s sunny. Not far away from Saint-germain des pres and Bastille. It’s definetly a cool area for students 😊

Anonymous inquired can you recommend some cool places to go to in paris? :)

What sort of places ? Shopping? Food ? Art?

Anonymous inquired What will you get up to in London then?